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Bitchery FAQ

the Bitchery FAQ

Please read below before asking questions.

1. I was invited.. why? And where did you find me?

You were invited because we, the moderators of bitchery, found you through a community or one of your friend's profiles and thought you were awesome and might enjoy being a part of this community.

We don't only invite people we know personally, and if you wouldn't like to be a part of bitchery you do not have to join. :)

2. I was invited, but my "Manage My Invites" page is empty. What happened?

This is either because:
A. The queue was completely full and we needed to remove the invitations so that another moderator could invite some people.

B. We invited you days ago and you hadn't rejected or accepted, so we canceled your invite to make room for another.

This does not mean you are no longer invited.

Either join the community manually, or ask for another invite here.

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