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a combo of lipo, tummy tuck, unicorn blood and masterful makeup application

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"I received an invitation to this community.. what's up with that?"
If you received an invitation to this community, it is because we felt you'd be a good addition to our community and that you'd have fun here. Whether you want to come hang out and have some fun or not is up to you :)

About Us
bitchery is a random, off-topic community. We're here for the lulz.

Shit You Need To Know
POSTING - We encourage posts about nothing, in fact we love them, as long as it's A) funny, and B) interactive. Have a shitty day and want something to laugh at? Find a funny story you want to discuss? Need to get your picspam on? Do that shit up. DON'T BE AFRAID TO POST!

TAGGING - Members are allowed (and encouraged) to use the community tags when posting things. Also, we encourage you suggest a tag for us to use. We love you like that.

NSFW - Some of us here at bitchery have a special place in our heart for dirty material, therefore we totally allow that kind of jelly. But while this is the case, we recognize that not everybody wants to see it. We also recognize some people are at work, and probably want to hide that kind of shit from their bosses and co-workers. THEREFORE please make sure to post something that is questionably offensive or NSFW behind an lj-cut.

PLAY NICE - The community IS called bitchery, but we discourage wank on a large scale.  Being half an asshole, partially cuntish, or sorta bitchy is probably ok. But if you're acting like a total asshole douchebag whoreface, bloodyknuckles is going to touch you, and you're going to get b&.

PROMOTIONS - We would love to hear about your community, but please ask one of the mods for permission before you promote it. We also totally want to be your affiliate. Just sayin'.

MEMBERSHIP - bitchery practices safe sex moderated membership. If you feel you've been wrongly rejected from our lovely party, please feel free to page-a-mod and state-your-case. We swear we won't bite.

Alternately, if you are already an active member and would like to vouch for a friend, let us know.

ANYTHING ELSE? - No... I think that's it. We are pretty laid back in this community, so as long as you're having fun, you're probably good to go.

The Bitches
bloodyknuckles, choke, tamgerine, theshea, robssexhair
You can holla at us through page-a-mod, bro

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